TeleStoryTOONS, LLC is an Los Angeles based animation studio committed to creating high quality kids programming that enriches lives through the introduction of inspirational stories and characters.


Angel Wars is an animated action adventure series from TeleStoryTOONS and Twentieth Century FOX. Since its introduction in late 2004, the groundbreaking series has distinguished itself by presenting faith-affirming storylines through world-class 3d animation, engaging families with inspiring characters and imaginative stories in the strong Judeo-Christian tradition of JRR Tolkien and CS LEWIS.

Filled with breathtaking action, rousing music, and epic characters, the series features a team of superhero angels, empowered by the Maker and led by the archangel Michael, who courageously battle to protect humanity from the forces of evil that seek to corrupt us all.

Often used by parents and youth pastors as a way to spark meaningful conversation with their children, Angel Wars has become a true phenomenon. Featured on numerous television, radio and print media outlets, the series is known by hundreds of thousands of families as the most compelling and original values-based entertainment for pre-teens available. Pastor Tom Flores, who has a children’s ministry of over 2500 kids at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center in San Bernardino, California had this to say about the series:

“Angel Wars is awesome… the kids love it! They get more excited every time we show it. Parents constantly ask me where they can purchase Angel Wars for their kids. Not only is it high quality animation it also teaches great moral standards. It shows kids that there is a real spiritual battle going on and that we are a part of a something much larger. I highly recommend this movie.”


I am so pleased to share Angel Wars with families from all walks of life. The seeds for the show reach far back into my childhood. It was then that, in a dusty little book shop affectionately known as Comic Heaven, I developed an enduring fondness for superheroes. It was in the pages of these books that I learned everything I needed to know about sacrifice, duty, responsibility and courage. In these pages were the parables of my youth, and the seeds that would one day become Angel Wars.

As it turns out, my own children would discover these same books 25 years later, gleefully resurrecting them from their ignoble position in my parent’s garage. It was then that I was struck by the transcendence of the stories, and began to wonder, “what is it about superheroes that makes them so universal and enduring?”. CS Lewis once wrote,

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.”

Maybe our love of superheroes is borne out of a restlessness deep in our souls, maybe we’re all looking for a hero, someone to save us from a world that seems to be turned upside down.

All of this leads us back to Angel Wars. I have poured my soul into this series with one purpose in mind, that is to create an experience that rivals the best of Superhero fantasy, while revealing the enduring truth that the savior we’ve been looking for has been here all along.

Courage and Godspeed,

Chris Waters

Creator, Angel Wars