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To the right you can sign up for the Angel Wars newsletter. As we’re heading into serious development and production mode on multiple new products, I want our fans to join us for the journey. Some of this stuff will make it to the blog and our facebook page, but a lot of it will be revealed in our newsletter first. This includes character bios, story ideas, and lots of work in progress stuff that we’ll be looking for fan feedback on. So if you are interested, please sign up to the right. We’ll never share your info and will only email when we have something cool to share!

Gates of Heaven


TeleStoryTOONS, LLC is an Los Angeles based animation studio committed to creating high quality kids programming that enriches lives through the introduction of inspirational stories and characters.

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Taking fans where they have never been before

What Have We Been Up To?

Since our last Angel Wars movie, we’ve been very busy. In 2010 we started our own animation company all the way down in New Zealand. Over the past four years we’ve produced over 1,400 minutes of animation for the top networks in the US.

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What’s Next?

Since our last release we’ve been playing around with a few new takes on the Angel Wars universe. While we love our original cast of characters, we thought it would be fun to expand the Angel Wars universe and try out some new looks, as well as some new storylines.

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We experimented with toys a few years back and sold out of all 30,000 units in a very short time. Since then we’ve been toying around (bad pun, I know) with what we’d like to do next.

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Angel Wars Nethercell Game